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A map that will hold the routes and stops of all the buses and vans in Lebanon. This data is meant to be public and available in order to help users and hopefully later on other developers.

Lebanese Bus Routes

This repository is the start of getting all the bus and van routes in Lebanon under one place.

These routes have always been available but not everyone knows about them.

Why are we doing this

We are putting all these routes into a Google My maps which can be found here.

If you are on your phone, you can actually import the map into Google Maps by pressing the square icon in the upper right corner.

The bus Routes are organized into layers where each layer is represented in a From District - To District format according to the following Lebanese District Map. We got this from this Wikipedia page.

In addition each route will be as a separate KMZ file which would then be used with the Google Maps API later on. These files can be found in the KMLs KMZs folder.

If you want to contribute to the map, please check the following document on how to do that.

I would highly suggest you check the project maintained by the Bus Map Project.

Other Resources

People have pointed out other websites that have some of the routes

In addition there has been an attempt to make an algorithm which helps users indicate which route they are going to use.

The algorithm was developed as an FYP by Jad Chamoun. The FYP is on github and its called Intelligent-Transit. As part of project there’s an iOS app and a webPanel developed.

More contributions

Feel free to suggest what to change in the instruction file. I’m also available for tweets on @BahoKaram. Also please feel Free to join the Facebook Group entitled Facebook Developer Circle: Beirut